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We had a wonderful time at the Monterey County Fair this year.  It was a year of firsts.  We were given the opportunity to have our own beautiful room and given an official name - "The Weaving Show".  All of our fabulous weavers were asked to bring their beautiful handwoven fabrics, scarves, clothes, quilts, etc and bring them they did.  Our room was jam packed with every type of handwoven cloth imaginable.  We had an educational area complete with silkworms and cotton bolls, littlsilkwormdisplay.JPGand big looms to weave on and projects for the kids to take home.  Our walls were covered with judged items with lots of ribbons for the public to see.  There was a cultural area with handwoven cloth from around the world so that the public can see that we live in a world of weavers all weaving cloth to wear, to keep us warm and for so many other purposes.  On School Day's, lots and lots of kids came through "The Weaving Show" and three of our talented weavers put on a program to share some of what they knew about weaving.  The children were charmed with "Lamby" who made them laugh.  Our Sheep to Shawl event raised money for the Nanyuki Handweavers of Kenya, Africa.  It's lots of hard work by many guild volunteers but we all agreed we're ready for next year......after a few months rest of course.millsheep.JPG

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